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Blog: World of R4 & Estafette

Barillet + Clés Estafette
Barrel + Keys Estafette



Réservez le votre ici ! Booking yours here !

Les refabrications en cours sont des projets que nous avons remis en route afin de constituer notre gamme, parce que les produits sont inexistants ou non conforme à ce que nous aimerions monter sur nos autos. Afin de faire participer nos clients, nous proposons des tarifs en prévente attractifs. Ces préventes ne peuvent pour autant nous engager sur une mise à disposition rapide, la refabrication étant un travail de longue haleine. Le récapitulatif des avancées indiqué ici est indicatif, des retards peuvent arriver (prototype non conforme à reprende, série non conforme à reprendre...). Nous sommes à votre service pour vous donner toutes les informations nécessaires si besoin.
The ongoing refabrications are projects that we have restarted to build our range, because the products are non-existent or not consistent with what we would like to ride on our cars. In order to involve our customers, we offer attractive presale prices. However, these presales can not commit to a quick release, the remaking is a long-term work. The summary of the progress indicated here is indicative, delays may occur (prototype not in accordance, series non conform, ...). We are at your service to give you all the necessary information if necessary.

And here is a project that we were entrusted with which is very interesting! A hub and wheel shaft prod for Matra Djet, to have a current standard 31-flute assembly. Loïc, who noted that we had already worked for the hubs of Estafette entrusted us with the mission. This one is well advanced and the prototypes, machined, are left for the broaching and the cutting!

Upon receipt of the parts equipped with their 31 grooves, we send them to Loïc for a test in real, before the launch of the prod! For those who are interested, you can contact him directly at the email address: l.ueberschlag(at)yahoo.com

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